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Business Litigation Attorney Serving Novi, Michigan

I have been litigating and trying cases for almost 20 years. In my first years in practice I worked intentionally to get as much courtroom time as I could, litigating and trying criminal cases, handling family law cases, arguing motions in bankruptcy court, and then moving into the civil and business litigation courtrooms. During those appearances, I handled breach of contract and other financial and business litigation matters through dispositive motions and trial. As my years of experience grew, so did the significance and complexity of the litigation matters I handled.

Put Your Business in Capable Hands

A decade ago, I moved to a large litigation firm and had the opportunity to litigate “bet the business” size cases not just in Michigan, but also in federal courts in New York and Indiana. My civil litigation experience includes an array of cases: straightforward breach of contract and fraud claims, commercial cases, shareholder oppression claims, class action defense, and a host of other complex and high stakes matters.

I’m pleased to continue my civil litigation practice, focusing on representing parties in non-personal injury civil cases. I will put my 17 years of litigation and trial experience to work for you and ensure you feel confident that your case is in capable hands.