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The rights at issue in probate and trust disputes are always important, and often address fundamental freedom and self-determination concerns. Capacity challenges, petitions to impose guardianships or conservatorships, and challenges to the validity of wills and trusts are examples of such litigation. If you're facing any of these legal issues, let a professional take the lead. Reach out to me today for skilled guidance in Novi, Michigan.

Probate and trust litigation is also the means by which people with legally recognized interests in assets and affairs managed by personal representatives, trustees, conservators, or other fiduciaries have the propriety of their actions reviewed by a Court.

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Probate proceedings are governed by a distinct set of court rules that differ significantly from those used in the circuit and district courts. Moreover, the disputes addressed in probate proceedings are governed by a special set of statutes - the Estates and Protected Individuals Code (“EPIC”) and the Michigan Trust Code (“MTC”). Litigants in probate courts should not settle for just a good litigator - they should insist on being represented by an experienced probate and trust litigator.

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I have successfully litigated probate issues in probate courts throughout southeast Michigan, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, and in the Supreme Court of the United States. I understand the probate “rules of engagement” and can provide you with effective representation when your rights and financial interests are at stake in probate and trust litigation.

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